cellular sites

Clayton, Clayton, and Company has proven time tested cellular sites available throughout Orange County. Our clients include Sprint, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Verizon and others. All sites are shared user and feature secure access 24/7.
Orange County Coast California

Latitude: 33 35' 52"

Longitude: 117 52' 49"

AGL: 24'

AMSL: 54'

Orange County Airport California

Shared user site. Contiguous to the 73 Freeway. Stairway to roof top. 24 hour access, security.

Latitude: 33 39' 46"

Longitude: 117 52' 23"

AGL: 35'

AMSL: 85'

Central Orange County California

24 hour access.

Latitude: 33 42' 29"

Longitude: 117 51' 55"

AGL: 14'

AMSL: 69'

Central Orange County California

Shared user site. 24-hour security. Easy roof access. Contiguous to 22 freeway.

Latitude: 33 45' 55"

Longitude: 117 56' 05"

AGL: 35'

AMSL: 147'

Other sites available through acquisitions, please furnish us with your longitude and latitude requirements and we will acquire and furnish leasable sites in most instances.

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